We are Cageless Birds.

We are a collective of visual artists, songwriters, fearless musicians and passionate lovers of Jesus. We are close friends who live in community and breathe FAMILY. We create in the overflow of celebration and thanksgiving. We are set free by the work of Jesus on the Cross. He has set us free from the cage of fear; we are living in who He says we are. We are His art: free, loved and bought. We are made in the image of our Father the Creator.

We create under His smile for He delights in us. He has given us a voice and illuminated our eyes. We have hearts created for expression. We are servants and worshippers transformed as we create.  We listen and love and are made whole.  We have eyes to see and ears to hear. We are chasing down a dream to see this generation transformed by the Love of God and hearts awakened to their true identity. We see redeemed people creating whole art. We see the kingdom of heaven coming to earth through the arts.

We see a generation rooted in their identity as beloved sons and daughters, raising their collective song of freedom.