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our mission

The Cageless Birds Leather Goods Department is passionate about creating minimal and beautiful goods that inspire beauty and serve your day-to-day life. We believe that craftsmanship is a unique window into the heart of God, and work to find the Gospel message in all aspects of our business, from sourcing our hides at a local shop, to the intern staff  we train as artisans,  to the way we promote our small business.

We began this business by selling handmade leather journals because we believe in the transformative power of journaling the voice of God. His voice created the heavens and the earth and has the power to re-create our inner world. Although we now have a more extensive product line, our journals continue to anchor our craft with the purpose and serve as a container for God’s thoughts over your life.


our quality

One of our highest values is maintaining connection with our product, therefore every good is made and finished by hand. We source genuine cowhide leather that is durable yet comfortable to interact with so that you enjoy incorporating our products into everyday aspects of your life.

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our makers

Our leather goods team is made up of a two full time leather workers, Rosemary and Abigail, who are dedicated to stretching the limits of quality design and function. They aspire to grow with the development of each new product and enjoy widening their perspective of what is possible within their craft each season. They have a passionate team of three interns that assist them in the making of journals and bags.


OUR interns

We have three leather interns, Nate, Tatiana and David Matthew, that are Alumni of our 18 Inch Journey Phase 1 & 2 schools. During the months leading up to the school a large part of their internship is crafting and learning the process of leather making in our studio.