our clay

We make our products from high quality porcelain and both red and white stoneware sourced locally from Star, NC.  Our red stoneware clay is mined and processed here in central North Carolina which adds a special touch to our work. 



our process

Cageless Birds pottery is produced in small batches in our cozy studio in Sophia, North Carolina.  Each piece is hand-thrown, fired and glazed to produce a one of a kind piece of functioning art to enhance your every day.



our product

We work to create beautiful pieces that enrich your daily rhythms of life from your morning cup of coffee to evening dessert at your family table.  Our pieces are designed and crafted to fit in your hand with balanced weight.  We believe that beauty should be a major player in every part of your day and aim to provide the world with unique pottery that fills this need. 


the potters


Emily Pell began studying the process of pottery five years ago in Greensboro, NC.  Since then, she has diligently worked to grow and refine her skills in the Cageless Birds studio.  She is passionate about how the practice of throwing clay parallels the process of becoming a healthy and whole person in Jesus.  Her work is marked by thin walls, consistent proportions and simple color treatment. 

Erica Barron studied ceramics at Columbus State University in Georgia for two years where she learned wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques.  As one of our Cageless Birds resident potters, she works on creating ceramic goods through practicing her craftsmanship. Erica is passionate about bringing beauty to life with her hands and imparting hope in the creative process through connection with The Creator. Her work is marked by color, artful design and organic forms.