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our mission

We believe that coffee is more than just a flavor or a product.  It is the slow part in our day—the pause—and a communion place for friendship. All of the profits support the discipleship schools and retreats hosted by the collective.

Our passion

We have a passion to bridge the gap between the coffee at origin and the daily cup. Through careful attention to detail and a heart to honor those on each side of the exchange, the aim of Maker Coffee is to source sustainably, highlight and roast excellent coffees, and bless families through transparent relationships with the importers, the farms we source from and the everyday consumer.



our story

Maker Coffee launched through the Cageless Birds Collective in 2015, and is the tangible fruit of a community pioneering together. We are committed to source excellent, specialty-grade coffee and pursue long-term direct trade partnerships with coffee farms worldwide. We have a high value for supporting the families and farmers who labor to produce the best possible fruit.

When coffee beans are grown and processed well, shipped carefully and roasted with attention to the intrinsic flavors of the bean, it’s a reverent celebration of the nuances coffee can offer.  It is a window into the soil, people and culture that give this fruit its quality and unique personality. Maker Coffee is roasted fresh weekly, shipped daily and rotated seasonally. 


Meet the Roasters

Our roasting team is made up Chris Miller, Cade Garlock and Nate Allen.  Our team is passionate about providing customers with the best coffee experience possible. Through weekly roasting and direct - to - mailbox delivery of hand-picked coffee from all over the world, we care about the details. Our roasters love the signature of specialty-grade coffee and work towards long-term relationships with our direct trade partners and importers who are improving the coffee industry. As a ministry, our goal is to sow into family, ensuring excellence in the green coffee we buy, long before it enters the hopper of our big blue roaster. From there, we carefully package and ship our coffee weekly to customers and subscribers around the world.


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