We create music as a platform for you to confidently step into the presence of the Father. Our dream is that you would encounter the perfect love of God, remember who you truly are and release your own song of freedom. 



The voices of Cageless Birds


the joy of the chase



The Joy of the Chase features ten original tracks that create various soundscapes to explore the album’s theme of finding joy in pursuit.  Moving guitar melodies, attentive percussion and clean piano lines weave together to capture the sound of adventure, belonging and freedom. The range of colors and tones curated throughout this album compels the listener to enter into the delight of both pursuing and being pursued by the Father.



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Hope is rising up from the ashes

From singer-songwriter ballads to corporate worship anthems and intricately composed instrumentals, these tracks are an expression of Molly’s heart and a reflection on the last ten years of her life. This album was born in family and echoes what Molly has given her life to.  The song "Anchor" was written in 2013 in collaboration between Molly and twelve 18 Inch Journey students.  The title track, "Overtaken", is the fruit of lasting friendship, and was co-written with Melissa Helser.


found in love

foundinlove copy.jpg

by Joel Case

Found in Love is rich with a peace and beauty that have been forged in the secret place with God.  This album carries creative melodies and honest lyrics that confidently declare our identity as the Beloved of God. Joel’s dream for this album is that all who hear it would encounter the love of God and have a deeper revelation of being Beloved. 


live at home


Live at Home is the first Cageless Birds project featuring original compositions by each of the musicians in our community.  This album tells the story of our personal journeys with God and our discovery of who He is. 

In the winter of 2012, we gathered together in Jonathan and Melissa's home to take a risk and create our first live album as a collective.  We filled the living room with beautiful instruments and close friends, and set out to capture the sound of our family worshiping together.  

Our first venture as a collective is an album of original songs that we recorded live in the very same space we have gathered countless times to sing and worship together.  The fruit of our labor is a collection of captivating songs and intimate, live footage of each session.