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It is a series of books that call to rhythms of devotion, creativity and transformation. These books prompt you to initiate personal time with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit so that you can live an empowered and sustainable life connected to your heart.  We encourage you to slow down and savor each part of the journey.  



Cultivate is a collaborative project featuring writings, prompts, poetry and art from the entire Cageless Birds collective and friends of our community.  These writings are testimonies from our personal journeys that prompt you to pursue the Father through new and exciting ways. 



Each issue of Cultivate is a stand alone issue.  These books are not cumulative and do not have to be worked through in the order they have been released.  Each book centers around a different topic, designed to help you process various seasons of your life. 

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the head to heart journey

Volume One is an introduction to journaling with the Lord.  It features a wide range of prompts and writings to inspire you in your time with the Father and guide you deeper into His love for you.  In this book, you will find writings on topics ranging from enjoying God, savoring, freedom and identity. 

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the clarity winter brings

Volume Two is designed to help us find the beauty in winter seasons of life.  We created this issue to champion the significance of our roots growing deep into His heart , and our branches resting from producing fruit. This book includes writings on topics such as hope, perspective and stillness and is designed to help you carve out moments to hear His voice in the middle of your process.

fly high. build home.

Volume Three is created with the vision of bringing clarity to what it means to live a whole life.  Our vision for this issue is that it would help bring language to what it means to thrive—to soar and to land in His heart for you. 


Creativity Unlocked

Volume IV is the latest volume in our Cultivate series.  The writings in this volume are meant to challenge your idea of what creativity is and unlock the truth that creativity is a mindset, not a skill set.  If every child of God is made in His image, then creativity is not a talent for the select-few, it is a birthright.  Our desire is that Cultivate Volume IV would empower you to take risks in expression and discover your creative ability.  There are beautiful discoveries to be made when you dare to believe that He desires to speak through your creativity and meet you in the process.