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seedtime and harvest // joel case

molly kate // love song

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molly skaggs debut album

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the story of live at home

We didn't just want to record the sound of family, we wanted to document the process and share the living room moment.  As a community of friends, we spend a lot of time worshiping and playing music together in the living room.  Each of these videos captures live footage from the recording of each song.  This is our way of inviting you into the living room with us. 

- Cageless Birds

the story of live at home

in the morning // chris & jessie miller

mount zion // jonathan david helser

beautiful // jake stevens

invitation // Molly skaggs

east and west // jonathan david helser

love come to life // melissa helser & molly skaggs

lose my ability // jonathan david helser

the lord is my light // joel case 

come close // melissa helser