our Story

The process of growth, harvest, transport and roasting coffee is an amazing journey.  Each step is integral to the experience of translating the fruit of a coffee cherry into a drinkable beverage. 

Maker Coffee launched through the Cageless Birds Collective in 2015, and is the tangible fruit of a community pioneering together.  Roaster and operator, Chris Miller, has a life-long passion to bridge the gap between the creator and the created work. 

At the heart of Maker Coffee is a commitment to source excellent, specialty-grade coffee and pursue longterm direct trade partnerships with amazing coffee farmers and importers throughout the world.  We have a high value for supporting the families and farms who labor to produce the best possible fruit.

When coffee beans are grown and processed well, shipped carefully and roasted with attention to the intrinsic flavors of the bean, it’s a reverent celebration of the nuances coffee can offer.  It is a window into the soil, people and culture that give this fruit its quality and unique personality. 

We believe that coffee is more than just a flavor or a product.  It is the slow part in our day—the pause—and a communion place for friendship.  Our desire is to pour into the lives of people on both sides of this story.  Maker Coffee is roasted fresh weekly, shipped daily and rotated seasonally.  As one dream carries another, all of the profits from Maker Coffee help support the ministry and discipleship taking place year-round at A Place for the Heart in Sophia, NC.

behind The Name

We chose the name Maker because we love what it means.  Maker is a name for God, and we have been created in His image.  We are makers and co-creators who glorify our Creator when we engage our lives as acts of worship, stewarding every gift with excellence and thanksgiving.  We have all been given beautiful gifts.  Maker Coffee is the tangible fruit of our family dreaming and creating together.