leather Goods


our purpose

Cageless Birds Leather Goods is based out of Sophia, North Carolina. We are passionate about creating minimal and beautiful goods that serve your day-to-day life. One of our highest values is maintaining connection with our product, therefore every good is made and finished by hand. Our hides are sourced from a local shop in Archdale, North Carolina and each collection is limited.

our Journals

Each of our journals are filled with eighty pound drawing paper and are cut and sewn by hand on our fifty-two acre farm. We value the time it takes to create a quality journal from the first to last stitch. Our desire is to offer a unique and beautiful container for you to record the voice of the Lord over your life. 

our Bags

All of our bags are designed by our leather craftswomen to provide an attractive, durable bag for everyday life. Each bag is created with thick six ounce leather that patinas beautifully over time.