Collective Showcase 2019

Last weekend we had the honor of opening our doors to showcase artwork crafted by our Cageless Birds Collective, alongside pieces from our 14 Phase Two students.  Over 200 guests joined us as we celebrated the closing of the first part of our Phase Two discipleship school by converting our Art Barn into a stunning gallery and featuring their work.  Paintings, photographs and colorful linoleum prints adorned the walls of our Art Barn. Beautiful clay vessels intricately formed and glazed stood as tangible reminders of God’s faithfulness in the way He forms hearts.


Our 14 students have spent countless hours over the last 3 months dedicating their hearts and hands to one of three artistic expressions:  pottery, printmaking and darkroom photography. We chose to offer these classes to our Phase Two students because they are all archaic art forms, meaning that there is now a faster, more convenient way to get similar results.  Our goal was to impart the value of slowing down and connecting to a longer process with each of these artistic expressions. 

On the evenings of our showcase, the woods of Sophia rang with the sound of testimony as each student shared how the rhythm of creative collectives and dedication to an artistic expression has formed a well-worn path for them to the heart of God.  Holy tears fell as stories of Jesus’ goodness were told. Our students shared testimony after testimony—each one deep and vulnerable and personal.  

A revelation of discovering God in racial identity.
A vulnerable recollection of encountering Jesus in failure.
A testimony of humility—letting the Father carve away until only what is true remains. 
A declaration of dependency: learning to do every part of life hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit. 

Joy was in abundance, and we were all left changed by what God has done: 
14 artists.
14 hearts.
14 incredible stories the Father is writing.

 We are so proud of our Phase Two students.  Each of them stood up confidently as sons and daughters, proclaiming who God has been for them in this season, and who He is shaping them to be. The atmosphere was electric with the testimony of God’s empowering presence as we closed the evening in worship with several songs from We Rise We Bow.  

 These evenings were full of so much joy, honor, beauty and wonder. Thank you to all who sat at our table and joined us for these two beautiful nights.  We are honored and humbled to have hosted you.

 Next, our Phase Two students will be transitioning into the servant leadership phase of our discipleship school as we welcome our 18 Inch Journey Phase One students in just two short weeks. Celebration is the launch pad the Father is using to propel them into the next season of pouring out and serving the Phase One students. He is always faithful to fill us as we give of ourselves.  

 In the coming weeks, we invite you to partner with us in prayer for the 36 Phase One students that are coming to pursue wholeness and learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit in every part of their lives.  We are full of excitement and expectation for what the Lord wants to do over these 70 days. As always, we are so grateful for your support. Thank you for celebrating our students, for holding us in your prayers and for supporting our vision to see lives transformed by the love of Jesus.

Sydnee MelaComment