Seeking to Grow

For the past month, our Cageless Birds team and Phase II students have been working through the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course by Pete Scazzero.  We are a community who loves growth, and practical tools that can help us mature into wholehearted people.  It is from this love for help and appreciation for practical resources that we created Cultivate, because we desire to help others continue to stay motivated and inspired in their walk with the Lord. Pursuing wholeness together and practicing vulnerability with one another has produced a camaraderie and closeness in our team that we couldn't have imagined. 

This week, we want to share some of our favorite resources with you.  All of these books have greatly benefitted our team, and we are so excited to share what we've found that is serving our team. Whether you pull from these books or find resources of your own, our desire is that you would be inspired to keep asking the Lord for wisdom and practical tools that can help you keep pressing into maturity and growth. His heart is for you and He loves when we commit to valuing our hearts and doing the work it requires to become healthy and whole people! To find more resources we recommend, check out our website here (link to

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