Five Minutes in the Morning

Written by Erin Gravitt
Photography by Sydnee Mela and Morgan Campbell

Put aside your Sunday School response, and ask yourself honestly, "Why do I read the Bible?” 

For me, sometimes I’m motivated negatively: to look good in front of other people, because someone told me to, fear of punishment, to gain knowledge to debate with other people, to earn love and acceptance, and just because I “should”.  Yikes.  And sometimes, I’m motivated by the right thing: a desire to learn about who God really is and who I am in Him, to gain wisdom and understanding about life and the future, to grow in love and intimacy with my Savior, to exercise all the blessings/resources available to me in Christ, to satisfy a longing in my soul and to have a guide for how to live well and righteously.  What about you?  What are your motivations?

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It seems like there can be many barriers I face when I go to read my Bible.  Some days I have zero motivation when my toddler is running around the house; I’m too tired, too busy.  There’s no time! Sometimes I feel like the Scriptures have grown familiar or boring; the words drift through one ear and out the other.  And honestly, sometimes I’d rather be entertained or distracted by my own busyness than actually receive the challenge and discipline God’s words bring.  Can you relate with your own justifications?

Ultimately, the words of God—when read and when heard—allow The Word (Jesus!) to connect to us.  And don’t we long for that connection?  That belonging and love!  That intimacy and closeness!  To be seen and known by The Good & Kind One who sees all and knows all.  The truth is that the purpose of Bible reading is to deepen our personal relationship with Christ.

The other day I stole away for five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening to read my Bible in my room and be still before the Lord—simple and unadorned.  I quieted my soul in the midst of to-do lists, responsibilities and noise.  I took time to enjoy His presence and breathe out, “Thank you, Lord. I remember who you are.  I remember who I am.”  The peace, satisfaction and pure refreshment was tangible.  I could feel my muscles relax and the heavy burden to “go go go” dissipate in the light of His peace and presence.  How incredible that our daily quiet times and moments of scripture reading bring Him tremendous adoration and glory.  The whole point of a quiet time is to remember God and commune with Him all through our days.  

May we all be transformed from familiar to fascinated by God the Father, Son and Spirit all over again by His eternal words!  To enjoy this communion with God in Bible reading, I leave you with this simple, tangible key:  Let the Holy Spirit be your Guide.

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Prompt:  Read the above scripture and meditate on it. Quiet your heart and think about the power of those words.  Pray: “Holy Spirit, be my Guide. Show me how precious your words are to my soul.  I give you permission to comfort and convict me with your beautiful word.”

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