The Great Mechanic

Written by Lindsay Vance
Photography by Sydnee Mela

Next up in our Cultivate series, we have a piece from Volume II : The Clarity Winter Brings written by Cageless Birds staff member, Lindsay Vance.  The Great Mechanic is an invitation to slow down, get still before the Lord and let Him hear the honest process of your heart.  It is a call to vulnerability and trust.  As you read this piece, may you open your heart to vulnerability and trust.  We invite you to let Him come close and speak candidly to you.  He is trustworthy.  


My car has needed much mechanical work over the past year.  I have listened to slight hiccups under the hood intensify into great gulps of air and sputter their last breaths.  I have crossed my fingers, hoping problems would resolve themselves.  I have asked for good mechanic recommendations and then finally swallowed the pricey pill of fixing my car.  I have learned a great deal about car maintenance over these last months, namely the importance and great need we have for it.  And inside a series of trips to the mechanic shop, I found the Lord.

You see, I had not just been visiting nearly every car mechanic shop in Sophia, I had been visiting The Great Mechanic, the one who offers the most important tune-up, the tuning of the heart.  Reflecting on my tendencies in car maintenance inspired a revolutionary view into the way I tended my own heart.  I am a frequent visitor of God’s “car shop” and most days I casually drop by to tell Him what problems I am experiencing.  Some internal clicking, an increasing grating sound, fingers crossed that each problem isn’t too severe. 

“Let me listen to it,” He confidently woos me.  I play Him the rhythms of my heart, sure to point out where it feels off, but He wants to see and hear for Himself.

“Lindsay, would you give me control of your heart?”  He opens the driver’s side door where I’m sitting and motions for the keys.  So often I approach the Lord like He is an untrustworthy car mechanic, willing to take advantage of a girl who doesn’t know enough about her car, doesn’t know enough about her heart.  I slow down, but I’m not ready to stop.  I ask Him to listen but I don’t trust what He hears.  I may believe His diagnosis, but He is charging way too much.


In the middle of my mess, the Lord reminded me of a car mechanic I once met named Tony, who had the dirtiest face and hands I had ever seen.  Tony’s skin was so covered with grease and dust that I couldn’t pick out any white spots except for the skin around his eyes.  I asked Tony how long it takes him to wash up every evening.  Tony just laughed.  He wasn’t committed to a clean face and hands.  He was committed to clean cars. 


Underneath all the greasy grime and faded tattoos,
I saw the face of another man in Tony.  There was Jesus. 


The man who didn’t care how much of a mess would be made when I requested a heart tune up.  The man who bore the scars of my mess.  The man committed to my whole, healthy heart.  

I look up into the eyes of the man who knows my heart better than I do.  He is not in a  hurry.  I  hand over the keys and listen as He pops the hood.  A steady, low hum surges from the depths of my soul and Jesus smiles.  It is a good engine.  It is a good heart.  

Prompt:  Slow down.  Invite the Lord to listen to the rhythms of your heart.  Imagine Him lifting the hood and smiling at the drumming of a healthy heartbeat.  Ask the Lord where He sees a need for a tune-up and entrust Him with the keys of your heart.  Journal His voice.

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