The Power of Instead


For the last year, our entire Cageless Birds community has been reflecting on and dialoguing about the meaning of one small, but powerful word: instead.  This conversation sparked in our hearts last year when our dear friend, Graham Cooke, came to share with our 18 Inch Journey students.  While he was here, Graham brought a beautiful message unpacking Isaiah 61 and the Father’s heart to give us “insteads” throughout the course of our lives.  This message has been a game-changer for our community and for our 18 Inch Journey students.  This year before our students arrived, we asked them to listen to this recording of Graham’s message from the 2017 school and to ask the Lord what instead He wanted to give them in their upcoming season.  This simple exercise before the students arrived produced tremendous fruit as they came in expectant and clear with what the Lord wanted to do. 

This week, we would love to share this teaching from our school with you and invite you to begin asking the Lord what His “insteads” are for you!  As you listen to Graham’s teaching, may you feel your heart waking up with hope again.  The Father sees you, is attentive to you and is present in your circumstances.  Let His perspective wash over you again today. 

Sydnee MelaComment