Thank you! We Completed the Art Barn!

We did it!  With your help we raised all the funds needed to finish our stunning new building just in time for our 2017 school! This building has been one of the biggest gifts and upgrades our school has ever received, and we are astonished by how huge of a help it’s been to our students and staff.

This building has revolutionized our school. It has given us the space we need to facilitate our teaching sessions and worship nights.  It’s taken the strain off the Farmhouse and made space for it to exclusively serve as our dining hall.  It’s given us another meeting place for small groups and collectives, provided counseling rooms for one on ones, and perhaps the biggest area it’s served us is in giving our students the space they need to engage visual creativity in Art Class.

The Art Barn has become the hub of the land. It’s where we’ve gone to the depths of worship and come back up for air with swing dancing parties and movie nights.  This space has marked our students’ lives as they’ve learned to pursue sustainability and build friendship with Jesus.  When they think back to their 18 Inch Journey, they’ll remember the Art Barn and the endless ways they encountered the Father there. You have changed their stories by your generosity, and you continue to change ours. Thank you for partnering with us and sowing into the dream of the 18 Inch Journey!

As we close our discipleship season, we are looking ahead and are so excited about the ways the Art Barn will serve our staff in the creative season that’s coming.  This building will give our creative teams space to meet and dream into the books, videos and creative projects we’re releasing.  It will relieve our cramped studios and give our teams space to facilitate meetings.  It will make way for our design, photography and videography teams to work simultaneously while staying inspired.  Already, we can anticipate the gift that the Art Barn will be to our staff and we can’t wait to share the creative products and projects that overflow from it with you!  


Sydnee MelaComment