Hope is Rising Up from the Ashes


The Cageless Birds are proud to present Overtaken, the long awaited debut album from Molly Kate Skaggs. This album is the second solo project to be released from the Cageless Birds Studio, and is a crafted testimony of the extravagant love of God.
Eleven original compositions establish an altar of remembrance that highlight the album’s core theme: finding belonging in the heart of God.  Through soaring piano melodies, sweeping strings and sincere lyrics, Overtaken explores the truth that in all things Perfect Love comes to banish fear and swallow up loneliness.  This album is the sound and story of a devoted life that has given into that Love over many years and seasons.  It is full of anthems that testify: everything will be overtaken with Light

This is only the first album of many to come from Molly Kate Skaggs. Our hope is that as you listen to this music and discover the Belonging for which you were made.