Week Three Recap

Video by JD Gravitt
Photography by Sydnee Mela


It’s weekly recap time!  Week three of the 18 Inch Journey was all about friendship with the Holy Spirit.  Our students sat in amazing teachings with Melissa about who the Holy Spirit is and practical ways to cultivate friendship with Him.  One of our biggest values at the 18 Inch Journey is imparting stewardship and sustainability.  We believe that the Holy Spirit loves to help us find Him in the way we take care of what’s been entrusted to us, and wants to meet us in the normal, mundane parts of our lives.  Work duties is one of our weekly rhythms where students get to learn how to value and care for the land.  In working with their hands, they have space to process what the Lord is teaching them and feel the reward of practically caring for something.  

Check out the Week Three Recap video below and see what our students are learning about the Holy Spirit and how they’re tending the land!

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