Cultivate Vol. III : Fly High. Build Home.


The Cageless Birds are excited to announce the release of our newest volume of Cultivate.  Our community has been brimming over with joy and anticipation for months and we can’t believe it’s finally here!  

Volume III:  Fly High Build Home, is created with the vision of bringing clarity to what it means to live a whole life.  Our vision for this issue is that it would help bring language to what it means to thrive—to soar and to land in His heart for you.  You will find writings and prompts on topics such as trust, balance, process and empathy.  Our dream is that these pages would inspire you to discover what wholeness looks like in your practical, everyday life.

This volume is the first original printing under the Cultivate title and is filled with beautiful photography and stunning paintings to support the themes communicated in this book.  Fly High, Build Home is our thickest volume yet and is a collaborative project from the entire Cageless Birds community.  It is our joy to share our community’s process, art and story with you!  

Each volume of Cultivate is a stand-alone book, uniquely themed to meet you in your process and empower you to take ownership of His thoughts over your life.  We invite you to explore these volumes that are designed to inspire your relationship with the Lord. 

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