We've Re-released Volume II!


Today we are so excited to release Volume II,  The Clarity Winter Brings, under the new Cultivate title.  The Clarity Winter Brings is designed to help find the beauty in winter seasons of life.  We created this issue to champion the significance of our roots growing deep into God’s heart and our branches resting from producing fruit.  This book includes writings on topics such as hope, perspective and stillness and is designed to help you carve out moments to hear His voice in the middle of your process.  

This reprinted version features the same writings and prompts as the Eighteen Inch Journey book, but has been reformatted and designed to offer a higher quality product.  Cultivate is now printed in off-set, which makes for a beautiful, overall matte finish on each of its pages.  This matte finish helps the reader receive everything on the page without any glare or shine.  In addition to a shift in printing, Cultivate has also moved to a larger size.  This new 8.5x11 design makes space for a sharper, cleaner book.

Each volume of Cultivate is a stand-alone book, uniquely themed to meet you in your process and empower you to take ownership of His thoughts over your life.  We invite you to explore these volumes that are designed to inspire your relationship with the Lord. 

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