The Discipleship Season

Written by Allie Sampson
Photography by Morgan Campbell & Chris Miller


Every year, our community swells with excitement as we approach the Phase II school.  The Phase II opening dinner marks the beginning of our Discipleship Season and as a community we transition into daily laying down our lives for the students who come.  We believe that there is no greater honor than stewarding hearts.  To be entrusted with a human heart, to be invited to speak into someone’s life, is a weighty privilege and it is one that we do not take lightly.  In the Discipleship Season, we feel the fruit of saying yes year-round and submitting our own hearts to discipleship.  As a staff, we are being led throughout the year by Jonathan and Melissa, and their leadership has led us to believe in the power of correction, love and help.  Our own testimonies of being changed by discipleship empower us to go the distance for the students.  We have all been marked by leadership and correction and are deeply grateful for it!

Over the next six months, our twelve students will explore creativity, sit under teaching and discover what sustainability looks like.  They will live with us, eat meals with us, celebrate birthdays and tend the land.  In September, the Phase II will serve our Phase I school alongside our staff in and encourage the students coming behind them.  In all of these things, our heart is that our Phase II students would be empowered to thrive in every season of their lives. 

This week we encourage you to open up a conversation with the Lord about His vision for discipleship over your life.  Maybe you are currently being discipled or discipling someone else.  Maybe you are recognizing places where your heart is hungry for someone to speak into your life.  Wherever you are, begin asking the Father what your heart needs and start dreaming with Him.  Let Him inspire you with ideas for how to go deeper into His heart for you.  He is faithful to answer you.

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