Bethel Midwest USA Tour

Written by Jonathan Helser
Photography by Bethel Music


For the last week we have been with our Bethel music family traveling across the Midwest.  We’ve had the honor of leading worship in five beautiful cities and will be in three more over the next few days.  I’ve been astonished at the way the presence of God has invaded each night.  We have been co-leading these nights with five different leaders, and there has been such a seamless unity on and off the stage.  

As we have been sharing the privilege of leading, I have been learning there's no competition around the throne, because no one wants to be seen—everyone is consumed with the desire to see more of God's face.  The hunger and thirst for the presence of the Lord has been incredible.  

Every night, there are moments when the sound of the voices singing in the room is louder than the sound system.  As a worship leader, my favorite moments of leading are when we transcend the songs written on a page and everyone in the room begins to sing the song written on their hearts.  Heaven is coming to Earth and the sound of worship will keep getting louder till the whole earth looks just like Heaven. 

From the Road, somewhere between Pittsburg and Chicago 

Jonathan Helser

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