Thirty Years of Changing Lives


This week our community is so excited to be celebrating the 30th birthday of A Place for the Heart!  A Place for the Heart is the pioneer ministry that paved the way for everything we are currently doing as the Cageless Birds.  In 1986, Jonathan’s parents, Ken and Linda, watched in faith as the Father fulfilled their dream for a piece of land where young people could come for camps and retreats to encounter God.  That 52 acre piece of land became known as A Place for the Heart.  Since then the land has opened her gates to countless hearts, welcoming them to come in, breathe deeply, become still and know that He is God.  From men’s retreats and Southern pig pickin’s to teen creative worship camps and 18 Inch Journey schools, A Place for the Heart has facilitated 30 years of life-changing encounters with Jesus. 

 A Place for the Heart is truly the foundation of the Cageless Birds.  It is where we live and work.  It is where we eat meals and host schools.  It is the soil that holds our history and we are honored to be part of its legacy.  Each of our staff have been marked by encounters with Jesus on this land and we are forever changed. 

As we reflect on 30 years of God’s goodness, we invite you to celebrate with us!  We would love to hear how Cageless Birds and A Place for the Heart have impacted your journey with Jesus.  It is our desire to celebrate every story and testimony of what the Father has done from the overflow of this ministry.  To share with us, simply write your story in the comments below or share it on social media using the hashtag #thirtyyearschanginglives.  Whether you met the Father at a retreat, saw a transformation in your child after they did the Journey, collided with the Gospel through a prompt in an Eighteen Inch Journey book or experienced the love of God in a lyric, we want to hear from you!  All of these things are fruit of what the Father has done on this land and we are eager to celebrate His goodness together! 

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