Week Nine : Closing

Video by JD Gravitt
Photography by Sydnee Mela


The 2016 18 Inch Journey has come to a close.  The last week of the school was filled with celebration, testimony and family.  We were blown away as the students shared their stories of how the Journey changed their lives and what it has meant to them.  We are so proud of the 32 hearts that chose to let themselves be impacted by Jesus over these 60 days.  Yet again, we are moved by how much the Father can do in such a short window of time.  

As we close our discipleship season we find our hearts filled with wonder and gratitude.  We look forward to updating you on what the Father is doing here in the months ahead. Thank you for your support and for following the 2016 18 Inch Journey.  It has been a joy to share what the Father is doing on this land with you!