Collective Presentations

Written by Allie Sampson
Photography by Morgan Campbell


Our community loves celebrating creativity.  We believe that opening ourselves up to be seen, especially in our craft, is essential to inspiration and growth.  There is something powerful in valuing your work, taking ownership over what you’ve produced and boldly declaring, “I am worth being seen.”  We have found that letting ourselves be celebrated makes space in our hearts to celebrate others and cancels the need for competition or comparison.

During the 18 Inch Journey, our students have several opportunities to be seen and heard, but one of the most anticipated evenings of celebration is our Final Collective Presentations.  Collectives are the creative class that students choose to participate in before coming to the school.  Over the sixty days, the collectives are taught by our Cageless Birds staff who have cultivated the specific craft the students are studying.  Under teaching from our staff, students are taught new techniques and given specific prompts and assignments to help them grow in their understanding and inspiration.  During the last week of the school, each collective presents their final presentations to the entire school and showcases what they have been cultivating over the sixty days.  Collective Presentations are different from an Open Mic Night in that students get to share a larger body of work and expound on what they have experienced and learned through their collective.  These presentations are more of an art gallery style celebration and the students get to experience what it is like to be seen and celebrated in their work from beginning to end.