Week Five : Family & Celebration

Video by JD Gravitt
Photography by Sydnee Mela


We believe in celebration.  Gathering together to support and champion one another is a consistent value of our community, and it is something we aim to impart to our students when they come to the 18 Inch Journey.  We believe that letting ourselves be known and celebrated is essential to our hearts coming alive. 

Throughout the school, we invite students into several moments of celebration.  We gather regularly for Open Mic Nights where students get to share the creative pieces they’ve been cultivating.  During these nights, our students have the experience sharing within the safety of family and are met with encouragement.  In addition to Open Mic Nights, our students also get to see what it’s like to participate in an extravagant birthday party with our community!  This week we celebrated Haven, Jonathan and Melissa’s daughter, with a costume party complete with Fall Festival games.  

Between Open Mic Nights, Poetry Night, collectives and birthday parties, students have multiple opportunities to celebrate one another and to let themselves be seen and surrounded in family.  Take a look at our week 5 recap video and check out moments of celebration students have experienced at the school.