Jesus Week // Adam Cox

Written by Allie Sampson
Photographed by JD Gravitt and Sydnee Mela


    Every week of the 18 Inch Journey has a specific theme or focus. Week one is Father week and this year Jonathan led us through God the Father: what He is like and His deep love for us. Last week was Jesus week and we were honored to have our dear friend Adam Cox here to share with us. Adam and his wife Juli lead Navah Church in Kansas City, MO and have been very close friends with Jonathan and Melissa for years. Each year, Adam comes and teaches at our school during Jesus week unpacking the story of Jesus in a way that unlocks our hearts and reintroduces us to who He really is. This year, our eyes and hearts were opened as he taught the importance of going from being familiar with the story of Jesus to being fascinated by Him. Our staff and students were invited to drink in the Gospel again and open ourselves up to be transformed by it and changed by it as though it was our first time hearing it. After breaking open the scriptures, Adam broke bread and served our entire school communion, looking each one in the eyes and declaring that they are the Beloved of Jesus Christ. 

     Each year, after Adam leaves, we find that it was not just the sessions with him that affected us, but that he truly set a spark inside our hearts. Just like the two that journeyed on the road to Emmaus with Jesus, we look back at our time with Adam and find that our hearts are burning within us as we have begun to see who Jesus really is. Many of Adam’s teachings, including his teaching on the God Story, can be found at We encourage you to check it out and pray that you too would find your heart burning with a deeper love for Jesus. 

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