Found in Love Album Release


    On Friday, August 7th, our entire community gathered at the Sunset Theater in Asheboro, NC. This date had been on our calendar for months, and we could feel the eager anticipation of the Holy Spirit over every part of the day. This particular evening was unlike any we had done before. Not only were we gathering for a night of worship, but we were gathering to release a new sound into the world: the sound of Joel Case. 

    Joel’s songs have been ringing through the air of A Place for the Heart for six years. In that time, he has been championing the sound of our 18 Inch Journey students by leading the music collective and supporting Jonathan and Melissa’s sound by playing drums for them all over the world. Joel is a treasured member of this community and we have all been deeply impacted by the Love of the Father that is so tangible through his worship. His new album, Found in Love, is overflowing with creative melodies and honest lyrics that confidently declare our identity as the Beloved of God.  Everyone in our community has been profoundly impacted by Joel’s songs and we couldn’t wait to carry the evening and champion his voice as we released the first Cageless Birds solo album.  More than releasing an album, our heart was to release the sound of Love over a generation. As we handed the evening over to the Father, we could feel a wave of delight rushing over the theater. We were in the midst of something beautiful. 

    As the doors opened, we encountered our first surprise: every ticket sold!  This was our first time selling out the Sunset Theater, and we were blown away knowing that so many hearts had come to meet with Jesus.  Jonathan and Melissa opened the evening with worship and we were caught up in the beautiful presence of the Father. Throughout the night, we consistently encountered new experiences. Our Phase Two students joined Jonathan and Melissa and Joel on stage throughout the night to worship together as a family choir, and every time we felt the presence of the Father rush in. Maker Coffee was sold at an event for the first time.  Chris Miller even hosted our first ever Giveaway Dance Contest (congrats to Will for winning a bag of Maker Coffee!). So many sweet things happened that night, but the most beautiful moment for our community was worshiping our Father in a theater full of people, being led by our dear friend and leader, Joel.  As the evening closed, we couldn’t stop talking about the beauty and kindness of the Father. He always comes. He loves us so deeply. We are His Beloved. 

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