Maker Coffee | Now Available!

Coffee Mugs & Fresh Coffee now available

Coffee Mugs & Fresh Coffee now available

The Story

Two years ago, we began a journey. We had been dreaming over the land of A Place for the Heart and were given an incredible gift. A 1,000 lb coffee roaster was donated to us by the father of one of our staff. We were undone with thanksgiving at the favor and the gifts that began to flood into our gates and into our hands. The mustard seed of our dream had multiplied into a beautiful crop. Our community began to build, creating a brand new space where coffee would be roasted, excellence cultivated, and discipleship could flourish. Today, we are proud to announce the release of Maker Coffee, the harvest of our dream.

We chose the name Maker because we love what it means. Maker is a name for God, and we have been created in His image. We makers and co-creators who glorify our Creator when we engage our lives as acts of worship, stewarding every gift with excellence and thanksgiving. We have all been given beautiful gifts. Maker Coffee is the tangible fruit of our family dreaming and creating together.  One dream carries another, and all proceeds from Maker Coffee help fund our dream for discipleship.

The Process

From the time the green beans enter the hopper, to that glorious moment of releasing the aromatic brown beans from the drum, there is a beautiful process of development, and every moment is important. It’s like our journey with the Lord. He is intimately acquainted with the details of our lives, and wants to be as present for us in the in between moments as He does in the big ones. We embrace this intentionality with every bag we pack and ship.

The Journey

The journey of coffee is marked by the passion and devotion of hard working people all along the way, from the farmers who cultivate and process the coffee plant, to the roasters who celebrate the quality and integrity of every bean. Our goal is to highlight every coffee we receive; creating roast profiles that honor the journey of what began as a seed. We source and hand-roast all of our coffee one small batch at a time, giving careful attention to the details and nuances of each roast. For us, it is a picture of Father's intentionality with our heart. The fruit of our labor is delicious coffee, sourced from around the world. We can't wait to share it with you!

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