18 Inch Journey Housing Campaign

For the next 30 days, we are running a campaign for new student housing.  Our goal is to build three new cabins. Each of these cabins cost around $50,000 so we need to raise $150,000.

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Our Dream

Fifteen years ago, Melissa and I joined my mother and father on this 52 acre piece of land called “A Place for the Heart”, and launched a one week creative worship camp for high schoolers. 


We wanted to create a place for them to encounter the freedom of the gospel of Jesus. This one-week camp grew into a two-month school, which grew into an extended internship, which then became a six-month second phase of the school.   Along the way, as we have grown, we’ve intentionally kept our schools smaller, and more intimate in nature. Our desire is to be face to face with the students that come, to sit and eat at a table together, and pour into their lives in a personal way.  Today, we host Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the 18 Inch Journey, internships, and retreats, and have a full time staff running the schools with us every year.  What was a small seed, the dream of God for this land, has fully blossomed.

Our Vision

My father started this ministry on a principle from Mother Theresa, “If you wait till you have what you think you need to do ministry, you’ll never do ministry.” God used the stick that was in Moses’ hand to deliver Israel from Egypt. We have used everything in our hands to host our first worship camp and many 18 Inch Journey schools since.  

Over the past eight years, we’ve expanded, remodeled, and rearranged our buildings in every way imaginable to host our schools and retreats. We’ve turned barns into apartments and sheds into studios. With the expansion of our discipleship schools and internships, we simply need more space. We have maxed out the capacity of our facilities. Now we need your help to expand our housing for the dream to continue to grow.


Our History

Since 2008:

  • Seven 18 Inch Journey schools
  • Students coming from 26 states and 15 countries
  • Total of 137 students who have been radically changed by the love of Jesus!

Our Need

We believe one bunk can change the world. More cabins means more bunks. More bunks means more hearts. And each heart that encounters the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit will never be the same. Marriages, families, culture, cities, and nations will be blessed and impacted by the DNA of the sons and daughters who come to this land, setting apart a season to be with God, and family. Help us change the world by investing in this dream.


Our goal is to build three new cabins for student housing. Each of these cabins cost around $50,000 so we need to raise $150,000.  

  • $50,000 we can build One cabin
  • $100,000 we can build Two cabins
  • $150,000 we can build Three cabins

Our plan is to break ground in May, and have these cabins built before the start of our next 18 Inch Journey School in the Fall. The $150,000 goal is our first step toward a much larger vision for these 52 acres of land. In the last year we have designed a layout for the property with buildings, studios, classrooms, and cabins that stretch out across these beautiful rolling hills. To fulfill this ultimate goal we would need over 2 million dollars, so $150,00 is just a baby step, but it still feels like a giant leap!  Any money that we raise above $150,000 will go into the many dreams we have for expanding the dream God has given us.

How you can be involved

We need your help. Here’s how you can be be involved:

  1. Make a pledge and claim one of our amazing perks.
  2. Help spread the word. This is a community effort and we would love your support, and the support of your community or church to reach our goal.

Your support will help this generation encounter Jesus, and equip them to live healthy and thriving lives. Thank you so much for considering giving to this dream. We could not do what we do without your help. 

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For more information about the 18 Inch Journey, check out:  www.18inchjourney.com

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