One Bunk Can Change the World!

We are looking for partners to support the dream of the 18 Inch Journey. Our Dream for the 18 Inch Journey is to see a generation liberated by the love of God and walking in their destinies as sons and daughters of the Father.  We want to see healthy marriages before we see thriving ministries.  Our goal is to teach people to receive from God before they give to Him. It has been a joy to do this every summer for the past six years at A Place for the Heart. 

This February we’re adding Phase Two of the 18 Inch Journey.  Phase Two is a six month season of discipleship available for 18 Inch Journey alumni.  During these six months, they receive teaching and mentoring from us, our parents and our intern leaders.  Also, they will strengthen their relationship with the Lord and each other through community living and the pursuit of the arts.
We have 14 amazing 18 Inch Journey alumni returning for Phase Two.  Also, we have 32 new 18 Inch Journey students joining us in June.  Right now, we only have two 16-person bunk houses for students and we need to grow.

So in January, we are breaking ground on our 52 acres to build a brand new cottage.   This cottage will be two floors with 4 rooms that each house 8 people.  There will be a small kitchen and a common area between the rooms.  The bottom floor will have laundry facilities.  The cottage costs $250,000 and our goal is to raise the money before we break ground.

We believe that one bunk can change the world. We’re using 32 bunks every summer.  We plan to add 32 more bunks so that we can change lives and change the world.  We need your help.  We are looking for monthly financial supporters to partner with us in our dream.  Please consider joining us in our dream for the 18 Inch Journey and our goal to build this cottage.

Please visit our website to learn more about this ministry, this project and how you can give.

Thank you,

Jonathan and Melissa Helser