the fall season

The 2013 18 Inch Journey

The 2013 Staff and Interns

We just finished the 2013 18 Inch Journey on July 30.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  Sorry for the lack of blog updates, but hopefully our facebook and instagram kept you up to date with this year.  This summer we had nine staff, six interns and 31 students.  Ten international students came this year as well as many students from all over the United States.  It’s always amazing how they hear about the 18 Inch Journey.  Many students say they hear about it from our videos or from our worship nights.  We will have a video for this year.  So stay tuned for it coming out this fall.

The fall season at A Place for the Heart is our more relaxed season.  Jonathan and Melissa and the band are headed to England for David’s Tent and then Jonathan and Melissa will travel on to Norway.  The six interns that have been with us since January will finish their season here in September.  It has been awesome having them here.  They are amazing.  They have learned to love themselves, the Lord and each other.  They were an integral part of this year’s 18 Inch Journey, leading and supporting collectives, helping in the kitchen and loving the students.

Worship is a huge value of our community and we have a lot of worship events coming up.  Check out for events nearest you.  Specifically, we would like to invite you to worship with us on October 19 at the Carolina Theatre.  We love worshiping in the community and have the pleasure of having our good friends John Mark and Sarah McMillan worshiping with us.  This will be a very special night that you will not want to miss!  Click on the banner below to get your ticket!