Adam Cox

We just finished a great week with our dear friend Adam Cox.  We first met Adam when he was 17 and Ken Helser prayed for him at a summer camp.   Adam carries the heartbeat of A Place for the Heart and the 18 Inch Journey.  We have had the honor of having him speak at every 18 Inch Journey.

This week, Adam spoke on Jesus and revealed the Word hidden throughout scripture.  Our hearts burned within us when Adam taught the Word.  Adam has dedicated his life not only to studying the Word, but becoming friends with Jesus.  He revealed the person of Jesus to us when he taught.  Adam’s words carried the passion of his heart for our friend Jesus.

Adam pastors one of our favorite churches called the Kansas City Boiler Room.  He lives with his wife Julie and their three beautiful daughters in Kansas City, MI.  Adam has an amazing teaching of the scripture called ‘The God Story.’  If you would like to know more about Adam and his ministry, you can visit