"anchor" Single now available

The Cageless Birds are proud to release "Anchor", the first single from Molly Kate Skaggs’ debut album, Overtaken.  This song was written in 2013 as part of the 18 Inch Journey Music Collective and was a collaborative effort between thirteen people.  Anchor is an anthem of hope, confidence and family.  This single is special to our community because it represents the beauty of creating in family: a value that we give our lives to year-round.  

Molly Kate Skaggs // anchor song story 

Song Story

During the summer of 2013 as the 18 Inch Journey was coming to a close, Molly gathered her Music Collective together and presented them with an idea for their final presentation.  What if the whole collective tried to co-write a single song for the school to celebrate the hope they had discovered together?  The entire collective immediately felt inspired, and jumped on board.  Over the following weeks, all thirteen students contributed lyric ideas, melodic inspiration and instrumentation concepts.  As each added their own parts to the song, something beautiful began to happen: a song began taking shape that carried the sound of family.  Anchor quickly became a song that represented the 18 Inch Journey.  

This song was born in family and discipleship.  Without the 18 Inch Journey and the hearts of the students that summer, this song would not exist.  We are excited to announce that 100% of the proceeds from the Anchor single will go to an 18 Inch Journey Scholarship Fund.  Our desire is that the proceeds from this song would make a way for more students to attend our school.